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After one Arranged with you, you get the access to shipping "DROPSHIPPING" Please do not hesitate to contact us!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping Passion Deutschland
  • Dropshipment is a service of direct deliveries to your customers.
  • In this way, you can sell all our products and we deliver direct to your customers.
  • The delivery is carried by passion no advertising, brochure or brand with such passion that is not its appearance.
  • The DropShipment supports your extended economic activity, because you neither have to worry about buying the products, their storage is still a costly logistics.


  • Deliveries are made only in Germany!
  • Deliveries are not COD!
  • Delivery is by DHL!
  • You pay in advance to us, by direct debit. Upon receipt of the money we send to your customer.
  • You send us the bill of your customer by pdf-document. The receipt of this invoice is for us the proof, we will ship the goods on your behalf to your customer. We ship with tracking for you.
  • The goods are shipped from our warehouse in Ilmenau with your return address.
  • For returning the customer we are not responsible. We do not take goods from the customer and create no credit or refund to you.


  • Before the goods are sent to your clients, we make a product check with the following aspects: content (completeness), color errors, material defect (hole, tear, ...), production errors (sewing errors) - everything is visually recognizable at a glance.
  • Complaints from customers are borne by you, we do not refund postage or replacements. Please see our terms.


  • Drop Shipping is only possible in conjunction with the enhanced direct debit. (direct debit is required) Please print out the form for direct debit, fax it back to us (03677/465198) and submit it to your bank! formula PDF-file
  • Dropshipping with PayPal or advance payment is immediately possible

Dropshipping costs!

When dropshipping the shipping costs look like this::

value - 00,00€  -  40,00€  = Shipping costs 6,69€ netto

value - 40,01€  -  300,00€  = Shipping costs 7,99€ netto

For questions we are happy to assist you.

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